BPrecipitating Events

(1) Situational events. These are stressful events that threaten one's sense of biological, psychological, or social integrity (death in family, drastic change in social role, physical illness, divorce, rape, suicide, and so forth).

(2) Maturational events. These events are normal processes of growth and development that evolve over an extended period of time. Frequently, the individual is required to make many changes (infancy, early childhood, preschool, pre-puberty, adolescence, young adulthood, late adulthood, old age).

NOTE: In the absence of support systems and coping skills, a stressful event could result in a crisis. A successfully resolved crisis usually results in some degree of personal growth and learning. A person in a crisis situation that he cannot resolve may find himself in an ever increasing cycle of anxiety and perceived helplessness. It is in these types of persons we may see what we call "extreme" crisis behaviors--that is, suicide, homicide, assault, or aggression.

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Stress Busters Explained

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