C Psychosocial Symptoms or Possible Contributing Factors in Depression

Psychosocial symptoms refer to human emotions and the context of change in the life-pattern of an individual. Many of these symptoms are caused by stress due to some current situation (recently or within the last year). Remember that a substance abuser may exhibit some of these same psychosocial symptoms. The symptoms include the following.

(1) Depressed mood.

(b) Expresses self-reproach, self-depreciation.

(c) Tearfulness and/or trembling.

(2) Change in appearance.

NOTE: Changes in appearance are indicative of the person's mood and deteriorating self-image.

(a) Self-neglect of hair and/or personal hygiene.

(b) Lack of concern for dress.

(c) Bodily movement slowed, decrease in gestures, stooped and bent posture.

(d) Facial expression may be blank, old, or sad.

(3) Change in work habits.

(a) Lowered quality/quantity.

(b) Inconsistent work pace. Pace of work is likely to change frequently, without apparent reason.

(c) Compulsive work.

(d) Lack of interest in work.

(4) Changes in usual patterns of behavior.

(a) Loss of interest in recreation/hobbies.

(b) Loss of interest in people. The individual may avoid family and friends; may have a decreased sexual drive.

(5) Marital and family problems.

(a) Separation/divorce.

(b) Difficulties with spouse.

(c) Child-rearing problems.

(d) Loss of self-control.

(e) Social isolation.

(6) Financial problems.

(b) Living within tight budget.

(7) Interpersonal problems.

(a) Lover's quarrels.

(b) Difficulty in accepting authority.

(c) Homesickness.

(d) Loss of supportive community/family ties.

(e) Difficulty with people at work. 4-4. CRISIS DEVELOPMENT

a. Definition. Crisis development is an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in an individual's life. This emotional state occurs when an individual faces an obstacle in reaching important life goals. A crisis develops when the individual decides that goals cannot be attained because "normal" methods of problem solving do not work.

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