Exercises Lesson

INSTRUCTIONS: The following exercises are to be answered by marking the lettered response that best answers the question or best completes the incomplete statement or by writing the answer in the space provided.

After you have completed all the exercises, turn to "Solutions to Exercises" at the end of the lesson and check your answers.

1. _is the emotional response aroused by anxiety, panic, fright, terror, horror, or apprehension to real danger.

2. Which of the following statements is NOT a type of stress in combat situations?

a. Thousand yard stare.

b. Grief, rage, boredom.

c. Home front worries, disappointment.

d. Fear of failure/disgrace, pain, death.

3. List the types of battle fatigue.

4. All of the following symptoms are symptoms of battle fatigue EXCEPT:

a. Depression.

b. Inability to concentrate.

c. Bowel and urinary symptoms.

d. Good memory of actions performed.

5. What acronym is used to describe the principles of treatment for a soldier suffering from combat stress reaction?

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