Exercises Lesson

INSTRUCTIONS: The following exercises are to be answered by marking the lettered response that best answers the question or best completes the incomplete statement or by writing the answer in the space provided.

After you have completed all the exercises, turn to "Solutions to Exercises" at the end of the lesson and check your answers.

1. Health care providers of terminally ill patients should avoid the following types of expressions when talking to the patient:

2. List the five basic stages of dying.

3. A patient may or may not follow through all of the five basic stages of the dying process.

4. Appropriate responses/actions to terminally ill patients include:

5. As a health care provider of a terminally ill casualty in a combat environment, you should:

6. When a terminally ill patient is prepared to die, is at peace, and is tired, he is experiencing which of the following phases of dying?









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