Provide Postmortem Care For Battlefield Casualties

a. Field postmortem activities are conducted by Graves Registration (GRREG) IAW FM 10-63. The medical specialist may be called upon to assist with the following procedures.

b. Tag with DD Form 1380, Field Medical Card.

(1) CRO--"Carded for Record Only."

(2) Complete appropriate blocks.

NOTE: Record 8-digit grid coordinates--if corpse is left. Ensure readable carbon copy for later use on battlefield.

c. Remove sensitive items (weapons, classified materials, radios, maps, Vinson keys, communications-electronics operating instructions (CEOIs), and so forth).

(1) Turn in removed items to the platoon sergeant.

(2) The medic will secure the items if the platoon sergeant is unavailable.

(3) All other personal items and valuables will remain with corpse.

d. Place corpse in a body bag or other suitable shrouding material.

e. Evacuate to the unit resupply point. Supply personnel will evacuate the body to the GRREG collecting point.

f. Potential problems to avoid:

(1) DO NOT transport killed in action (KIA) with casualties, if at all possible.

(2) If the unit resupply point has moved and the new site unknown, DO NOT leave KIAs at old point. Find out where the new point is.

(3) DO NOT move KIAs to airfields. They cannot evacuate them.

(4) DO NOT commit air evacuation of KIAs within forward line of own troops (FLOT) areas. Use ground transport at this level.

(5) If litters are used to evacuate KIAs to unit resupply point, DO NOT leave your litters with the corpse if you cannot get a one-for-one exchange.

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