Solutions To Exercises Lesson

1. a. Reassurance--everything will be all right.

b. Denial--you are not going to die.

c. Fatalism--we all have to die sometimes.

d. Changing the subject-let's talk about something else. (para 6-2b)

c. Bargaining.

d. Depression.

4. a. Gentle discussion.

b. Exploration of feelings (allow patient to ventilate).

c. Active listening. (para 6-2c)

5. a. Make the casualty as comfortable as possible.

b. Find someone (hopefully a buddy from his unit) to sit with him, if possible.

c. Offer to take care of unfinished business or to notify family, if possible.

d. Encourage the casualty to express feelings of grief.

e. Make time for brief service, however simple, if possible. (para 6-4a-e)

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