Types Of Stress In Combat

Some of the types of stress in combat are listed below.

a. Physical/psychological strain. This lowers the overload tolerance, but does not produce battle fatigue unless fear and/or internal conflicts are added (for example, sleeping and eating are irregular in quantity, quality, and timing; excessive physical exertion).

b. Fear/anxiety of pain, mutilation, death.

c. Fear of failure/disgrace.

d. Grief, rage (loss of friends, hatred of enemy, incompetent leadership, and so forth).

e. Ethical limits (killing, firing at noncombatants, leaving patients to die, and so forth). The soldier may feel guilty of his own rage or acts.

f. Internal conflict (survival vs. mission, loyalty, and ideals [leaving wounded friend behind, short timer, and so forth].

g. Boredom, restriction, loss of privacy, and so forth.

h. Home front worries, disappointment.

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