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Created by Carolyn Hansen, her inspiration for writing about the Ageless Brain was triggered by the loss of her mother. She narrates her mother’s story and how her old age brought everything to light. When her mother was hit by sliding doors, she falls and hurts her wrist and had to be put on bed rest for one day. The next day, Carolyn came to pick her up, and to her surprise, her mother could not remember her. The author’s frustration grew huge, and she was advised on doing an MRI scan. On seeing things that resembled butterflies on her mother’s scan, Carolyn was told that her mother’s brain was deteriorating. This event led the author to think back when her mother used to put hairbrush in the refrigerator and gardening gloves in the oven. These were obvious signals that the author ignored until it was too late to help her mother. Her loss sent her to the right path to help the world know their health status earlier. We should trust the author because there is no other way of convincing an individual to stop ignoring the obvious signals of dementia in our lives, than hearing it in first person from an individual who saw how ignorance snatched her loved one away.

What is the Actual Product about, and what does it include?

The Ageless Brain offers a plan that is about sharpening our memories and minds at the forties so that we maintain our brain sharpness just as we did before reaching forty years. Living a healthy brain lifestyle improves our memory, sharpness, and reduces the risks of health problems at an older age. Apart from that, the guide also exposes how some salesmen have tricked dementia patients due to their desperation to recover and promised them that indeed, the approved memory drugs work. The author also points out some of the early signals of dementia that provides young people with insights. Methods of managing the problem have also been provided to the patients who already have dementia. The program is a science-based protocol that is centered on three insights. First, the guide provides information on ways of reversing and preventing age-related signs of aging. Additionally, the product gives ways of combating cognitive decline and lastly, it provides information on how to help with the prevention of Alzheimer's disease that can cause an attack of the central nervous system.

What Problem can the Product help solve?

The guide provides a way of solving problems such as brain inflammation, immune system, physical fitness, and health well-being. First and foremost, the guide shows how inflammation of the brain is the main cause of degeneration of the neurons in the brain. Tips on minimizing inflammation are provided to help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the brain even as we enter into the old age.

Secondly, the complete guide teaches on how the immune system is a huge contributor to the decline of the neurons and how to strengthen the immune system. Developing a stronger immune system requires strong maintenance of the body and mind. Every action that we take and how we react to everything begins from the mind-controlling. Our minds should always think positively to help in keeping our immune system stronger. Strong immune system prevents the body from cardiovascular diseases and helps in preventing possibly life-ruining diseases.

Physical fitness affects our cognitive functioning. The guide explains how the physical build is directly related to brain inflammation, which results in dementia. Ways of keeping our bodies physically fit through exercise, and the foods we eat are presented in the plan to avoid these issues altogether. Frequently taking care of our bodies helps in preserving our minds as there is nothing much to worry about if one is contented with his or her physical lifestyle.

What is the format of the product, what do you get, and who is it intended for?

The product is an online guide that offers its users several ways to avoid early brain damage. Those who follow the instructions in the guide carefully have the advantage of getting a healthier mind and body. Besides that, detailed information is provided in the guide to help users avoid neurological conditions. Short term and long term memory strengthening detailed information are provided, which, when used well, increases our concentration levels. Lastly, the product is intended for both the young and the old. This program benefits the young by providing them with steps to take to avoid neurological problems as they get older. Individuals who have already hit the age of cognitive decline also benefit from the plan by following ways to keep their condition in shape, such as controlling their blood pressure anytime it does up.

Ageless Brain
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