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Fixing You Back Pain Relief

Fixing you is a program created by Rick Olderman with the promise to help you relief back pain. Rick Olderman has helped a lot of people including Nancy who is featured as a testimony in the description. He has helped thousands of people with back pain using this book. The book features 4-step plan aimed at diagnosing and later solving the root cause of back pain problems with easy and gentle movements. He has helped all these people without drugs, surgery or painful exercises.

This man has experience and expertise to help you deal with back pain with ease. If you are suffering from back pain, this program can help you very fast. If you want to get such results then I advise you to pay close attention.

The author uses Nancy as the first testimony showing how she benefited after her husband pushed her wheelchair into his clinic. The author introduced Nancy to his 4 step test that unveils the main cause of her problem and later fixed the problem and within a short period of time, Nancy was able to get back to her normal life.

What is the actual program about and how does it work?

This program is two simple steps that work for all kinds of different back problems including Sciatica, Bulging and Herniated discs, Chronic Back pain and general back stiffness. If you have ever got any of the problems stated above and visited your doctor, then am sure the doctor told you the problem can be fixed with months of medications and surgery.

With this program, all these problems can be solved within a very short period of time. According to the author, most of his patients can start  feeling better within 30 minutes.

I know now you can be wondering how can something solve chronic back pain within 30 minutes. All the methods shared here are:

  • Extremely gentle
  • Relaxing and peaceful
  • Requires little efforts from your side
  • Any person can practice them
  • You can perform these methods at home with minimal disturbances.

After trying this program, you will soon be back to enjoy your favorite sport and at the same time return to other activities without any issue. You can take up gardening, woodworking or even wash your car with little or no pain.

The book is divided in several parts each with certain information and tips to make sure you get better fast enough. Here is what you will get after purchasing this complete program.

  • Find out why you are in Pain-Here, you will be predictable to all root causes of back pain and eventually be guided to choose your main issue. This chapter will help you take the standing test, the laying test, Leg test and the hip test.
  • Part two of the book will feature all the information and the tips you need to relive the pain forever. After you have determined and got a picture of what is causing your problem, you will get the simple heel slide that will get you out of your bed without pain, you will also get information about the right way to stretch and 4 simple moves you can do at work to relieve pain instantly.

You will also end up getting all the tricks of waking up pain causing muscles. Other tips and tricks you will get includes:

  • Even out your hips by reaching into the cabinet
  • The 10-cent taping technique
  • How to get back the strong, stable posture of your youth.
  • Ease back pain in minutes with a wall
  • Howe to instantly look 15 pounds thinner

Afterwards, the author will share 7 true stories of people who suffered from the same problems and how this program transformed them.

What problems can the product help to solve

Rick Olderman designed and authored this book with the ultimate goal of helping people deal with back pain and other types of pain. The program has two parts with the first part helping you determine the main cause of the problem and the second part helping you deal with the back pain.

What is the format of the product?

The program was created with all the information you need to deal with back pain. The main program is available in downloadable PDF formats but the author has also gave a free gift of a complete video series to help you treat exactly what is giving you problems.

Who is the program intended for and is it actionable?

This program doesn’t target a specific group of people. With all the information given, you can either use it to prevent back pain and at the same time help those with the condition get rid of the issue. What this means is that the program can work best for all groups of people regardless of the age and social status.

Fixing You Back Pain Relief
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