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Scrotal Ultrasonography

Scrotal ultrasonography is an ultrasound examination of the scrotum and testicles that is performed to assess the size, shape, structure, and texture of the testicles and other intrascrotal tissues. Scrotal ultrasonography is used to diagnose scrotal and testicular abnormalities, and to identify the presence of blood or pus in the scrotal sac. Normal Findings. Normal scrotum and testicles. Intrascrotal tissues are normal in appearance.

RFLP Diagnosis of Myotonic Dystrophy

Southern Blot Myotonic Dystrophy

Myotonic Dystrophy The gene involved in myotonic dystrophy encodes a protein kinase whose function is still uncharacterized. The disease is characterized by progressive muscle deterioration, cardiac arrhythmia, frontal baldness, cataracts, and testicular atrophy. Because the disease shows anticipation, symptoms range from mild to a severe neonatal condition.

Herman Kwan Rod McLaren and Todd Peterson

Langenbeck was quick to recognize Billroth's surgical ability and intellectual talent. Billroth lived in the clinic and was in charge on the female ward, where he gained experience in many day-to-day surgical procedures. At night he would spend hours studying slides and discussing his findings with Meckel, a man who greatly influenced Billroth's interest in histology and surgical pathology. During the years of work in the Langenbeck clinic, Billroth published many papers including the comparative histology of the spleen, the structure of mucous polyps, the development of blood vessels, cysts of the testicles, tumors of the parotid, fibroid tumors of the maxilla, and tumors of the breast. At the early age of 25 years and after 3 years of study with Langenbeck, he qualified as university lecturer in surgery and anatomic pathology.

The answer is d Fauci 14e pp 21162118 Gynecomastia is

The answer is c. (Fauci, 14 e, p 1976. Tierney, 39 e, p 1070.) Patients may use anabolic steroids to improve athletic performance. The risks associated with use of these agents include mood swings, aggressiveness, paranoid delusions, psychosis, gynecomastia, infertility, testicular atrophy, hepatic tumors, peliosis hepatis, hypertension, and decreased HDL cholesterol levels. Patients with prolactinomas (pituitary tumors) generally present with galactorrhea, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, amenorrhea, infertility, and visual field defects. Chronic cocaine use may

Inhibin Activin And Follistatin Deficiency Or Overexpression

As outlined above, activins act on target cells by first binding to one of two type II receptors. Both ActRIIA and ActRIIB are expressed in the pituitary gland and, therefore, both provide substrates for activin action in adulthood (21,43). At least in adult rats, pituitary expression of ActRIIA greatly exceeds that of ActRIIB (44) therefore, activin's the effects of activin on FSH in adult animals may be mediated principally through ActRIIA. Consistent with this hypothesis, targeted deletion of ActRIIA produces mice that are viable (although underrepresented at weaning, because of hypoplasia of the mandible in some newborns), but have reproductive defects (45). Mutant males are fertile, but FSH levels in pituitary gonadotropes and in serum are significantly reduced relative to controls. ActRIIA-deficient males also show delayed fertility, small testes, and seminiferous-tubule diameter, but normal spermatogenesis. In agreement with the data presented here for the FSHp mutants, FSH...

Homoeopathy Medicine For Bladder Infiltration Of Rectosigmoid Tumor

Testicles Undescended Adult

The normal testicle (98) of the adult male is homogeneously hypo-echoic, sharply demarcated from the layers of the scrotum (100), and measures about 3 x 4 cm (Fig. 56.4). The epididymis (99) sits on top of the upper testicular pole like a cap and extends along the posterior testicular wall. In children, both testicles should be visualized together in the scrotum on the transverse section to exclude an undescended testicle with certainty (refer to p. 57).

Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder Mctd

Frontal balding typical facial wasting bilateral cataracts distal muscle weakness in both upper and lower limbs difficulty releasing grip after handshake percussion over tongue and thenar eminence reveals myotonia mildly reduced deep tendon reflexes normal sensory exam moderately atrophic testicles equinovarus deformity of both feet.

The Urinary System and the Genitals

The testicles make the sperm, or microscopic cells with tails that join . with the egg of a woman r and make her pregnant. ( sac that holds the testicles The testicles make the sperm, or microscopic cells with tails that join . with the egg of a woman r and make her pregnant. (

Vitamin A Toxicity

PE young, muscular male androgenic alopecia acne gynecomastia testicular atrophy. Discussion Anabolic steroids are widely abused by weight lifters, other athletes, and the lay public. Although androgens increase muscle mass significantly, they produce only slight increases in strength. Numerous side effects have been reported, including hepatic neoplasia, glucose intolerance, decreased HDLrC levels, hypertension, testicular atrophy and oligospermia, virilization and amenorrhea, acne, and alopecia. Other consequences of androgen abuse include mood disturbances and irritability that may result in aggressive behavior and injury to others.


PE Leonine fades (thickened facial and forehead skin) loss of eyebrows and eyelashes (madarosis) scleral nodules depressed nasal bridge (saddle-nose deformity) gynecomastia testicular atrophy, numerous symmetrical, hypopigmented macules with vague edges and erythematous, smooth, shiny surfaces skin plaques and nodules partial loss of pinprick and temperature sensation (i myesthesia) no anhidrotic changes symmetrically enlarged ulnar and common peroneal nerves.

Pituitary Hormones

Neoplasia large fluid-filled uteri complete infertility Marked testicular atrophy, increased germ-cell (106) Mice carrying a targeted mutation in the FSHp subunit gene have been generated (9). Mutant females are infertile because of a block in folliculogenesis prior to antral-follicle formation. Importantly, and in contrast to the classical view of the FSH requirement for spermatogenesis and Sertoli-cell growth, FSHp-deficient males are fertile, despite their small testes. The critical role played by FSH signaling is illustrated by the effect of FSH-R mutations in humans (10-12). An inactivating mutation (Ala189Val) found in females with pure ovarian dysgenesis leads to a disease characterized by normal karyotype, high gonadotropins, and streaky gonads associated with primary amenorrhea. More recently, additional mutations have been described (Asp224Val and Leu601Val) that are associated to a similar pathological condition (13). These mutations lie either in the extracellular domain...

Items 219224

A 39-year-old man presents with jaundice and ascites. He has a history of diabetes mellitus and was recently diagnosed as having heart disease. On physical examination, he has a bronze-like appearance to his skin, arthritic changes of the fingers, and testicular atrophy.

Kawasaki Syndrome

PE Leonine facies loss of eyebrows ( MADAROSIS) scleral nodules depressed nasal bridge ( SADDLE-NOSE DEFORMITY) gynecomastia testicular atrophy numerous symmetrical, hypopigmented macules with vague edges and erythematous, smooth, shiny surfaces skin plaques and nodules partial loss of pinprick and temperature sensation ( HYPOESTHESIA) no anhidrotic changes symmetrically enlarged ulnar and common peroneal nerves.


The dose of chlorambucil is titrated according to the therapeutic response and the leucocyte count, which should be maintained above 3,000-3,500 cells ml. The maximal dose should not exceed 12-18 mg day (0.1-0.2 mg kg daily). Haematologic toxicity is the most prominent side effect. Myelosuppression is dose dependent and may be profound at doses above 10 mg day and, although reversible, may persist for months after discontinuation of chlorambucil. Haema-tologic and liver function tests should be performed regularly. Higher doses (10-30 mg day) significantly increase the incidence of gonadal dysfunction like amenorrhoea, azoospermia, testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunction 23 . Malignancies seem to occur only at higher doses given for extended periods.

Scrotal Scan

A scrotal scan, also known as a testicular scan, is a radionuclide study of the contents of the scrotal sac, including the testes, epididymis, and spermatic cord. Indications for scrotal scans are assessment of acute pain and swelling of the testicles, evaluation of scrotal and testicular damage caused by trauma or injury, and identification of abnormalities of the scrotum and its contents.


PE Muscle wasting icteric sclera spider angiomata (due to increased levels of estrogen) nodular, hard hepatomegaly caput medusae loss of hair on chest and genitalia ascites gynecomastia testicular atrophy parotid enlargement flapping tremor of hands ( ASTERIXIS) palmar erythema slight pitting edema in lower extremities.

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