Harvest of Fertilized One Cell Rat Eggs Chiew Hun Phang

1. Introduction

The harvest of fertilized one-cell eggs of rats is very similar to mice (see Chapter 17). However, in the case of rats, collagenase is used instead of hyaluronidase for the removal of cumulus mass from around the eggs.

2. Materials

1. 70%(v/v) swabbing ethanol in squeeze bottle.

2. Fine pair of scissors.

3. Large pair of scissors.

4. Sharp watchmaker's forceps.

5. Ml6 medium (see Chapter 16).

6. M2 medium (see Chapter 16).

7. Liquid paraffin.

8. 35-mm tissue culture dishes.

9. Egg transfer pipet (see Chapter 17).

10. Stereo dissecting microscope.

11. Collagenase (Sigma, St. Louis, MO) is made to 10 mg/mL in M2 medium.

3. Methods

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