Urinary Tract

Mag3 Renal Scan Interpretation

Mag3 Obstruction

The shape of the renogram curve (following subtraction of background activity) is dependent on 1. MAG3 uptake from blood into kidney 2. MAG3 elimination from kidney into bladder Classically, the normal MAG3 renogram curve has three phases (see figure 4.1) The first phase steep upward rise following intravenous contrast injection this is indicative of the speed of tracer injection and its delivery to the kidneys (i.e., renal vascular supply) The second phase a more gradual slope which represents...

Technique and interpretation

Cavernosography Penis

This study is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and no specific patient preparation is required. The only absolute contraindication is a previous history of contrast allergy. Two 19-22 G butterfly needles are inserted into the corpora. Care must be taken to avoid perforation of the urethra An erection is induced by an intracorporeal injection of 1020 g of prostaglandin Ej One of the needles is used to record intracavernosal pressures. A record is made of any increase in pressure up...