■ Urodynamics—filling and voiding cystometry

◊ Measure bladder capacity

◊ Confirm reduced bladder compliance

◊ Exclude detrusor overactivity

■ Cystoscopy and biopsy

◊ Hunner's ulcer confirms diagnosis of IC

◊ Glomerulations (petechial hemorrhages) is very suggestive of IC

◊ Biopsies may support diagnosis of IC (and help exclude CIS)

(b) Prostate Pain Syndrome/Prostatitis

• Four types of prostatitis recognized:

■ Acute bacterial

■ Chronic bacterial

■ Chronic pelvic pain syndrome

◊ A: inflammatory—WBC in semen/EPS/VB3 urine

◊ B: non-inflammatory—no WBC in semen/EPS/VB3 urine

■ Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (histological prostatitis)

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