Cystometry has a number of pitfalls:

• The artificial surroundings of the urodynamic laboratory can inhibit voiding in up to 30% of women

• Time-consuming, invasive, and prone to artifacts

• Lack of standardization of technical aspects, such as patient position, type of transducer/catheter, and filling rate may cause variable results

• A wide range of normal values; therefore not all abnormal results are significant

• Intra-patient variability on repeat examination

• Normal cystometric findings do not necessarily exclude a pathology

• Remains the most unequivocal method of assessing lower urinary tract function/dysfunction

• Indicated in patients with complex symptomatology and if surgery being considered

• Will readily demonstrate detrusor overactivity, compliance disorders, BOO, DSD, and incontinence

• Attention to technical detail is paramount

• Has recognized limitations

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