• Simplest and often the most useful of urodynamic techniques

• Measures the volume of urine voided per unit time (mL/s)

• Inherently inferior to pressure-flow studies in the assessment of voiding difficulties

• Provides useful and practical data to direct initial management

Urine flow rate (FR) or uroflowmetry is—

• Primarily determined by outflow resistance and detrusor function, and an abnormal flow rate may be secondary to dysfunction in either

• Altered by abdominal straining and therefore only provides a measure of total voiding function

• Mandatory in virtually all males, and some female urological patients

• Often the only investigation required in >60% of men with uncomplicated bladder outflow obstruction (BOO)

A basic understanding of standard nomenclature is required.

• Flow pattern can be described as continuous or interrupted

• Voided volume (VV) is the total volume of urine expelled

• Maximum flow rate (Qmax) denotes the maximum measured value of the flow rate

• Flow time indicates the time over which the flow occurred

• Time to maximum flow is the time taken from commencement of flow to reach Qmax

• Average flow rate (Qave) can be calculated dividing the voided volume by the flow time

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