As this book was going to press, the Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Urology International introduced an interesting and timely phrase "finger tip urology". He has rightly pointed out that medical knowledge base is expanding so rapidly that no urologist can keep pace. The implication is that there is a desperate need for an easy reference source in many areas of urology. We think that this book is "spot on"!

Urological diagnosis is rarely possible without tests. And there are several tests to request. What investigation to order in which patient is always in the mind of those who care for urologi-cal patients. We hope that this book helps to resolve some of that dilemma.

The book is in two parts. Part one details the tests urologists today need to do, ranging from simple dipstix testing of urine to MR spectroscopy. No test is of value if one does not know when to apply it. Part two therefore outlines common urological conditions and the tests that need to be performed to reach a diagnosis. There is also a wealth of other information too; to give an example, TNM classification of tumors.

We hope that you as a busy resident in urology, newly appointed urologist, specialist urological nurse or other health professional allied to urology, will find this "finger tip information" of value in the management of common urological problems.

This book obviously contains a lot of information, and though quite substantial, is succinct and may therefore suffer from the usual disadvantage of over simplicity. But that is the whole purpose—providing a quick reference. We hope that you find this handy and useful in your practice.

Best wishes

N.Rao S.Srirangam G.Preminger

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