Renal transplant evaluation

MAG3 renography is non-nephrotoxic and a vital tool in the assessment of renal transplant patients. Clinical applications include—

• Pre-transplant evaluation of renal function and drainage in the potential living related donor

• In the immediate post-transplant period, serial MAG3 studies can help distinguish between a variety of potential pathologies:

■ Within the first 4 weeks, renography demonstrating no tracer uptake is usually indicative of a renal perfusion disorder (renal artery stenosis or renal vein thrombosis) or acute rejection

■ Diminished uptake of tracer with delayed and sluggish drainage is typical of acute tubular nephrosis or urinary tract obstruction (renal perfusion is usually maintained)

■ With serial renography, a deterioration of function over time is indicative of rejection

■ Renal outflow obstruction (e.g., at the ureterovesical junction) can be diagnosed easily

■ Locations of urinary leakage and urinoma formation are readily identified

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