Test Indications

Anti-sperm antibodies If isolated asthenospermia (poor motility)

If sperm agglutination Abnormal post-coital test Unexplained infertility

Sperm viability test If poor sperm motility

Sperm penetration assay Unexplained infertility, if couple considering assisted reproduction (AR)


Vasography If obstruction is suspected

Scrotal USS (7.5-10mHz Abnormal physical scrotal examination frequency)


Normal >10 progressive sperm/hpf The finding of antibodies on the spermatozoon surface is more significant than antibodies in serum

Hypoosmotic swelling test

Will identify non-motile but viable sperm for assisted fertilization techniques Sperm penetration analysis using hamster eggs

Normal >10% of eggs penetrated and >5

penetrations per egg Good penetration correlated with improved success with AR

Is not an isolated procedure and may be performed at the time of surgery

May identify relevant scrotal pathologies including varicocele, cysts, absent vas and testicular masses




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