Intermittent Claudication

• Intermittent claudication of the inferior limbs is the most common symptom.

• Typically it involves the gluteus, the hip and the proximal regions of the thigh.

• It allows a walking range that is stereotyped in a single patient, but variable from patient to patient, even when the lesions are similar.

• In cases of monoiliac stenosis or chronic occlusion, claudication involves the ipsilateral inferior limb.

• In cases of bilateral iliac or aortoiliac lesions (Fig. 5.5.2), claudication is bilateral, but usually asymmetrical because of the frequent prevalence of disease in one limb.

• In type II and especially type III AIOD, claudication involves the entire inferior limb, while it is proximal in patients with type I lesions.

Fig. 5.5.2 Chronic right iliac artery occlusion with contralateral stenosis

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