• Popliteal entrapment is much more common than generally assumed and it affects mainly young males, often top athletes.

• Intermittent claudication is the first symptom and as intimal pathology increases the popliteal artery can occlude and in doing so give rise to peripheral emboli-zation. Intermittent pain on walking can then progress to continuous pain at rest.

• Occasionally poststenotic aneurysm formation can be observed and this may also be the cause of peripheral embolization.

• In adventitial cystic disease, intermittent claudication is likewise the typical first symptom.

• Symptomatology is dependent upon and closely related to the intracystic pressure.

• It is possible that the cystic contents drain into the joint thereby easing pressure within the cyst.

Fig. 7.6.1 Classification of popliteal entrapment according to Insua [4]

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