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McFarland et al. (2001) compared three specific 2D and 3Dimage-display techniques. First a 2D MPR image display, secondly a 3D MPR image display (10 mm slab) and thirdly a 3D endoscopic view display. This was done in 30 colon segments. McFarland et al. concluded that among experienced abdominal radiologists, similar diagnostic performance in polyp detection was found among 2D MPR and the two 3D display techniques, although individual cases showed improved characterization with 3D display techniques. Overall no statistically significant differences were seen in the three different image display techniques.

Macari et al. (2004) compared two review methods in 30 selected patients. The datasets were examined primary 2D with 3D problem solving and primary 3D and randomly predetermined with at least a one week-interval. The overall sensitivity for primary 2D for medium polyps and large polyps was 50 and 81%. The overall sensitivity for primary 3D was 67 and 81%, respectively. This difference was not statistically significant. The specificity was similar for the 2D and 3D evaluations: 93.3%.

Iannaccone et al. (2004b) compared the diagnostic performance of primary 2D and primary 3D display techniques in a selected population of 50 patients. Mean polyp sensitivity for all lesions and false positive rate were 73.3 and 21.4% for primary 2D, and 76.6 and 23.3% for primary 3D. As McFarland and Macari, Iannaccone concluded that for polyps measuring >6 mm in size, there was no difference in the sensitivity between a primary 2D or 3D technique.

In summary, these studies in high prevalence populations report a good sensitivity for primary 2D review methods with 3D problem solving, and second, in none of the comparative studies of 2D and 3D was a significant difference detected.

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