Modern spiral multidetector computed tomography enables isotropic voxel data acquisition and has opened up the way for superb multiplanar reconstruction, resulting in exquisite pathologic radiological correlation. CT angiography and CT colonography are examples of the clinical applications of this new technology. Both new radiological procedures have already secured their specific role in everyday radiological practice.

During the previous decade, radiologists made fundamental contributions to the study and diagnosis of colon diseases with the introduction of single and double contrast barium examinations of the colon. Due to progress in endoscopic techniques both classical radiological procedures have rapidly lost their importance.

With CT colonography begins yet a new era for radiology of the colon and offers very attractive possibilities for non-invasive detection and diagnosis of colon tumors.

As for many other radiological procedure, meticulous methodology and appropriate training in the interpretation of the imaging features are needed in order to obtain optimal results with this new method.

This volume explains in the most comprehensive way all practical details to be observed by those starting virtual coloscopy in their practice. These include: patient preparation, correct CT scanning parameters and imaging interpretation.

Both editors are pioneers in the field and have long-standing clinical experience with virtual coloscopy. In addition, they have been able to secure the collaboration of several other internationally recognised experts who have contributed individual chapters.

I congratulate the editors and the contributing authors for this outstanding, well researched, well structured and superbly illustrated book.

I am convinced that this volume on a hot clinical topic will be of great interest for both radiologists in training and certified radiologists wishing to become familiar with virtual coloscopy, as well as for gastroenterologists and abdominal surgeons.

I sincerely hope that this volume will enjoy the same success as so many other volumes previously published in the series: Medical Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging.


Albert L. Baert

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