The Future Computer Aided Detection

Hiroyuki Yoshida


11.1 Introduction 137

11.2 Why CAD? 138

11.3 CAD Techniques for Detection of Polyps 139

11.4 Performance in the Detection of Polyps 140

11.4.1 Performance of CAD 140

11.4.2 Improvement of Radiologists' Detection Performance 142

11.5 CAD Pitfalls 142

11.5.1 CAD False Negatives 142

11.5.2 CAD False Positives 143

11.6 Current and Future Challenges 145

11.6.1 Detection and Extraction of Colorectal Masses 145

11.6.2 Use of Correspondence Between Supine and Prone Views 145

11.6.3 Effect of Fecal Tagging and Digital Bowel Cleansing 146

11.6.4 CAD for Rapid Interpretation: First Reader Paradigm 148

11.7 Conclusion 148 References 149

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