Sources Of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are mainly found in the seed endosperm of almost all the monocots such as wheat, rice, barley oat, rye, and sour cherry. In some dicots, endosperm also contains tocotrienols as in some Apiaceae species and also in some Solanaceae species such as tobacco (Sen et al., 2006). But tocotrienols are not the only member of vitamin E present in the endosperm, but it is always present as a mixture of tocopherol-tocotrienols. That is why researchers normally use TRF, the ratio between tocotrienols to tocopher-ols. The TRF of rice bran oil, 90:10, is the maximum so far identified. In this particular oil, apart from the normal four isoforms of tocotrienols, there are two new isoforms also found as well, desmo- and didesmo-tocotrienols. Crude palm oil extract from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis also contain higher concentration of TRF, almost 80:20. Normally, the major components of palm-derived TRF extract contain mainly 36% g-tocotrienol, 26-30% a-tocotrienol and 20-22% a-tocopherol and 12% d-tocotrienol (Kamat et al., 1997).

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