Chapter 6

Decision Points in the Management of Vocal Fold Paralysis 77

Lucian Sulica, Andrew Blitzer

Chapter 7 VoiceTherapy for Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis 87

Celia F. Stewart, Elizabeth Allen

Chapter 8

InjectionAugmentation 97

Karen A. Cooper, Charles N. Ford

Chapter 8.1

Autologous Fat for VocalFoldlnjection 105

Clark A. Rosen

Chapter 8.2

Collagenin VocalFoldlnjection 111

Mark S. Courey

Chapter 8.3

Treatment ofGlottal Insufficiency Using Micronized Human Acellular Dermis (Cymetra) 117

Albert L. Merati

Chapter 8.4

Vocal Fold Augmentation with Calcium Hydroxylapatite 123

Peter C. Belafsky, Gregory N. Postma

Chapter 8.5

Treatment ofGlottal Insufficiency Using Hyaluronan 127

Stellan Hertegard, Ake Dahlqvist, Lars Hallen, Claude Laurent

Chapter 9

Principles of Medialization Laryngoplasty 135

C. Blake Simpson, Lucian Sulica

Chapter 9.1

SilasticMedialization Laryngoplasty 145

C. Blake Simpson

Chapter 9.2

Medialization Thyroplasty Using the Montgomery Thyroplasty System 153

Mark A. Varvares, Rebecca M. Brandsted

Chapter 9.3

Medialization Thyroplasty Using the VoCoM Vocal Cord Medialization System 159

Tanya K. Meyer, Andrew Blitzer

Chapter 9.4

TitaniumMedializationlmplant 165

Berit Schneider

Chapter 9.5

Medialization Laryngoplasty with Gore-Tex

(Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) 169

Timothy M. McCulloch, Henry T. Hoffman

Chapter 10

Arytenoid Repositioning Surgery 777

Gayle E. Woodson

Chapter 6

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