Laryngeal Reinnervation

Randal C. Paniello

Introduction 189

RationaleforReinnervation in UVFP 189

ChoiceofDonorNerve 190

Choice of Anesthesia /

ContingencyPlans 191

Technique ofAnsa Cervicalis toRLNAnastomosis 192

Technique of Hypoglossal Nerve toRLNAnastomosis 193

PostoperativeCare 194

Results ofAnimal Studies 194

Clinical Results 195

Ansa-RLN 195

Ansa-RLN and Medialization 195

Hypoglossal Nerve 196

Original RLN 196

ReinnervationorMedialization? 197

Cricothyroid Reinnervation 197

AbductorReinnervation 198

Phrenic Nerve 198

Ansa Cervicalis 199

Combined Adductor and Abductor

Reinnervation 199

BidirectionalMotion:AnimalModels . ... 199 Reinnervation for Laryngeal

Transplantation 199

Conclusion 200

Chapter 12

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