Benign Tumorlike Lesions Vestibular Adenosis

Adenosis, the presence of cervical, tubal, or endometrial type glands within the wall of the vagina, has been extensively described as resulting from in utero exposure to

Figure 4 Mesonephric cyst: mesonephric cysts are lined by a cuboidal nonciliated epithelium as shown in this mesonephric remnant. Often abundant eosinophilic material is seen in the lumen.
Table 4 Wolffian Duct Cyst



Clinical appearance

Differential diagnosis




Cystic mass

Other cystic

Can be excised or

duct cyst

if large

masses of

marsupialized, biopsy

the vulva


diethylstilbestrol (Fig. 6). However, it occurs spontaneously as well. It is felt to result from the persistence of MUllenan epithelium in the region after embryogenesis. It may occasionally extend to the vulva and present in the vestibule at the introitus. Gross appearance is extremely variable and may appear as redness, nodularity, or granularity, cysts, ulcers, or protuberances (12). Possible symptoms include soreness, bleeding, and mucoid discharge. Adenosis has also been reported as a sequela of CO2 laser therapy (13), and after Stevens-Johnson syndrome (Table 6) (14).

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