Vulvar disease is a source of patient distress, provokes multiple consultations with physicians, and is a challenging diagnostic area for gynecologists, dermatologists, and pathologists. Some gynecologists may be insecure or unfamiliar with the various vulvar problems, and their training and experience may not encompass the spectrum of disease found on the vulva, especially the dermatologic entities. Dermatologists who see vulvar disease may not be as familiar with the gynecologic vulvar disease entities. Pathologists, except for the rare subspecialists with high-volume practices, can often be challenged in this area.

This book is a collaboration between a gynecologic pathologist with training and experience in obstetrics and gynecology (Debra S. Heller) and a gynecologic oncologist who has a special interest in vulvar disease (Robert C. Wallach), with input from gynecologists, dermatologists, and pathologists with interest and expertise in the field. In addition, a CD-ROM containing all the images in the book is meant to provide additional teaching and reference material.

This monograph is primarily intended to be a coalescence of views from the several disciplines represented, covering clinical as well as pathologic appearances, with treatment guidelines. It is hoped that this focus of attention on vulvar disease will provide a multidisciplinary reference resource to help us all better serve women with vulvar disease.

Debra S. Heller Robert C. Wallach

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