Ureters and Kidneys

Shortly after a pair of mesonephric or wolffian ducts have connected the mesonephroi, primitive kidneys, to the distal hindgut, making this part the cloaca, each duct forms a dorsal diverticulum, the ureteric bud, adjacent to the mesonephric blastema. This bud

Figure 18 (See color insert) Estrogen receptors are positive (brown-stained nuclei) in the deeper layers of the vestibular epithelium. An identical appearance is seen in the squamous epithelium of the vagina and urethra.

lengthens into the ureter with its pelvis and calyces, and connects the metanephros, definitive kidney to the urogenital derivatives of the cloaca. The original common segment of the duct and ureter is incorporated into the cloaca separating the two systems, which will thereafter part during the formation of the trigone of the bladder.

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