The vestibule is squamous mucosa composed of nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium without rete ridges and a loose lamina propria of fine collagen and elastic

Figure 7 A true mammary duct from the breast appears very similar to the vulvar mammary-like gland in the previous figure.
Figure 8 The labium minus is composed of keratinized epidermis and a thick dermis of fine collagen and elastic tissue. There is no fat.

fibers (Fig. 10). Unlike vulvar skin, no basal pigmentation is normally seen. There are spindle and occasionally stellate myofibroblastic cells in the superficial lamina propria. Similar myofibroblastic cells are also seen in the lamina propria of the vagina and lower urinary tract. There is usually a complete absence of skin appendages, although occasionally sebaceous glands are seen. Fibrous, elastic, and smooth muscular tissue forms a thick layer beneath the lamina propria, which gradually passes into the perineal body.

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