Cyanobacteria Example Oscillatoria

Members of cyanobacteria are photosynthetic bacteria. Before their procaryotic cell structure was recognized, they were considered to be blue-green algae. Cyanobacteria may be found as individual cells (Chlorella) or a chain of cells or filament (Oscillatoria) that are approximately 100-500 |im in length.

Some filamentous forms of cyanobacteria do occasionally occur in the activated sludge process and may contribute to settleability problems. Cyanobacteria commonly are found on the surface of biofilm in trickling filters and enter the activated sludge process in the effluent of trickling filters when the filters are used upstream of the activated sludge process as "roughing" towers or to pretreat industrial wastewaters. Examples of cyanobacteria include Anabaena, Chlorella, Euglena (Figure 4.2), and Oscillatoria.

FIGURE 4.2 Euglena. Euglena is considered to be not only a blue-green algae or cyanobacterium but also a pigmented flagellated protozoa.

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    Why is oscillatoria an example of cyanobacteria?
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