Rotifers And Nematodes

Rotifers (Figure 1.9) and nematodes (Figure 1.10) are multicellular microscopic animals (metazoa) that also provide numerous benefits to the activated sludge process. In addition to these benefits provided by the ciliated protozoa, the metazoa burrow into floc particles.The burrowing action promotes acceptable bacterial activ-

Wastewater Microorganisms
FIGURE 1.9 Rotifer in free-swimming mode.
Nematodes Wastewater
FIGURE 1.10 Free-living nematode.

ity for the degradation of substrates in the core of the floc particle by permitting the penetration of dissolved oxygen, nitrate (NO3-), substrates, and nutrients. Substrates are the carbon and energy sources used by bacteria for cellular growth and activity. With exceptions, substrates consist of carbonaceous, biochemical oxygen demand (cBOD) compounds and nitrogenous, biochemical oxygen demand (nBOD) compounds.

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