An Alternative Model of Healing

While I have shown that there are very real problems in conceptualizing alternative healing residually by distinguishing it from biomedical treatment, residual means of definition proved very popular among the people who participated in this research.1 When I asked Richard how he would define alternative healing, he said, "Alternative healing is anything that would not be considered the traditional [Western] approach to it." And Lindsay told me alternative therapy is: "Stuff that's out of the realm of typical Western medicine," which Brenda echoed with "I guess to me what alternative means is anything which is nonmedical." While Richard, Lindsay, and Brenda were among the few who stated it so explicitly, defining alternative healing by differentiating it from allopathic approaches was implicit throughout all the other interviews. The particular distinguishing criteria used by the people who participated in this research can be grouped into three broad categories: the focus and purpose of therapy, the nature of the client/practitioner relationship, and alternative healing techniques.

17 Bible Foods That Heal

17 Bible Foods That Heal

The importance of diet and of preparing and eating food was oftentimes seen as a spiritual act. If you want to consume some of the most common foods mentioned for their health properties in the Bible, then try these top 17 healing foods.

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