Table 1-7-1. Digestive Tract—Regional Comparisons (continued)

Mucosal Cell

Function of Surface


Major Characteristics

Types at Surface

Mucosal Cells

Small intestine:

Villi, plicae, and crypts

Columnar absorptive cells

Contain numerous

(Figure 1-7-1)

microvilli that greatly

increase the luminal

surface area, facilitating


Duodenum (Figure 1-7-2)

Brunner glands, which

Goblet cells

Secrete acid glycoproteins

secrete an alkaline secretion

that protect mucosal lining.

Paneth cells

Contains granules that

contain lysozyme. May play

a role in regulating

intestinal bacterial flora.

EE cells

High concentration of cells

that secrete cholecystokinin

and secretin.


Villi, we 11-developed plica.

Same cell types as found

Same as above.


in the duodenal epithelium


Aggregations of lymph

M cells, found over

Endocytose and transport

(Figure 1-7-3)

nodules called Peyer

lymphatic nodules and

antigen from the lumen


Peyer patches

to lymphoid cells.

Large intestine

Lacks villi, has crypts

Mainly mucus-secreting

Transports Na+ (actively)

and absorptive cells

and water (passively)

out of lumen.

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