Table of Contents

Preface vii

Section I: Histology and Cytology

Chapter I: Cell Components 3

Chapter 2: Nervous Tissue 25

Chapter 3: Muscle Tissue 33

Chapter 4: Lymphoid Organs 41

Chapter 5: Integument 45

Chapter 6: Respiratory System 49

Chapter 7: Gastrointestinal System 55

Chapter 8: Renal/Urinary System 65

Chapter 9: Male Reproductive System 73

Chapter 10: Female Reproductive System 79

Section II: Early Embryology

Chapter l: Gonad Development 95

Chapter 2: Week 1: Beginning of Development 101

Chapter 3: Week 2: Formation of the Bilaminar Embryo 103

Chapter 4: Embryonic Period (Weeks 3-8) 105

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