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Case Studies of Doxastic and Affective Mixtures

We portray mind as an imaginary chemical reactor, where discrete entities of emotions and beliefs diffuse and react as molecules. We discuss two models of mind a doxastic solution where quasi-chemical species represent knowledge, ignorance, delusion, doubt, and misbelief and an affective solution, where reaction mixtures include happiness, anger, confusion, and fear. Using numerical and cellular-automaton techniques, we demonstrate a rich spectrum of nontrivial phenomena in the spatiotemporal dynamic of the affective and doxastic mixtures. This paradigm of nonlinear medium-based mind will be used in future studies in developing intelligent robotic systems, designs of artificial organic creatures with liquid brains, and diffusive intelligence of agent collectives. We model mind as a massive pool of simply interacting primitive entities, with Spatiotemporal dynamics that reflect inner processes of interaction of affective and cognitive systems. Wc design, experiment with, and study...

Obtaining the History of Affective and Mood Changes

Chapter 4 delineates in detail the significant differences between affect and mood. For purposes of history taking, the focus is upon changes in mood since mood is an internally represented feeling state, whereas affect carries observable behavioral components. It is not unusual for patients following traumatic brain injury to develop emotional incontinence wherein they will cry at the drop of a hat or have rapid fluctuations in the internal perception of happiness. Some of these mood changes may be related to injury to the amygdala, which lies within the anterior temporal lobe. The amygdala plays a critical role in the channeling of drive and emotion, which was graphically demonstrated by Downer's experiments in monkeys.29 The human amygdala plays a crucial role in modulating the neural impact of sensory stimuli. An emotional valence is placed upon a sensory stimulus by the amygdala. Damage to the amygdala can produce states of hypoe-

Changes In Selfperception

I don't judge anybody the other thing is happiness. I was totally miserable, that's totally changed. Also relationships, I was always angry with something, I was never satisfied, everything was wrong. Our lives were just bitching and complaining at each other and now we don't ever. I'm very patient, I'm not in the least bit stressful. I used to plan a lot, I used to worry a lot. And I'm really honest now I never used to be honest with myself.

B Signs Symptoms of Inhalant Abuse Included are the following

(an excessive feeling of happiness and well-being) and exciting along with the feeling that something wonderful is about to happen. Unfortunately, these feelings are often accompanied by a sense of reckless abandon and sense of being all powerful, feelings which often lead to impulsive and or destructive acts.

State Trait Anger Expression Inventory2

Bar-On has argued that emotional intelligence is critical to human self-actualization.75 He has conducted extensive research on emotional intelligence, and his cross-cultural findings strongly suggest that the best predictors of self-actualization are the following factors and facilitators, which he lists in their order of importance happiness, optimism, self-regard, independence, problem solving, social responsibility, assertiveness, and emotional self-awareness. Many of these behavioral descriptors and facilitators are altered following traumatic brain injury. 14. Happiness Many brain-injured patients tell their therapists, counselors, and physicians how unhappy they are following brain injury. This unhappiness spills over into family relationships. This subscale in the EQ-i measures the ability to feel satisfied with one's life, to enjoy oneself and others, and to have fun.

In the Hands of a Young Surgeon Which Pattern Should be Used in Reduction Mammaplasty

By using this algorithm, any surgeon can achieve a good result with a minimal scar revision rate. It is extremely important to discuss these options with the patient during the preoperative consultation. The patient will be happier with the outcome and will more easily accept any necessary corrections later on.

17TH AND 18Thcentury Vegetarianism A Thomas Tryon

It was not until the 1600s that any significant addition to the vegetarian polemic was made. But then one encounters, in the writings of Thomas Tryon, the most comprehensive brief yet, for the virtues of flesh-free diet (that an Englishman should revive vegetarianism was prophetic, for England would serve as the fountainhead of vegetarian thought well into the 19th century). Tryon, a dissenting religionist cum health reformer and sometime poet, was one of his era's better known commentators on the rules of right living, both the moral and physical. In The Way to Health, Long Life and Happiness (1683), he brought the two spheres together, asking

Ancient India

The Vedas included a life science and medical text called Ayur-Veda, part of which, the famous Charaka Samhita, deals extensively with the use of wine as a medicine. The Charaka Samhita states that wine is the 'invigoration of mind and body, antidote to sleeplessness, sorrow and fatigue . . . producer of hunger, happiness, and digestion . . . if taken as medicine, and not for The Charaka Samhita also contained an ode to wine ' Wine who is worshipped with the gods, invoked in Sautra-moni Yajna, who is Amrita to the gods . . . Soma juice to the Brahmans . . . the destroyer of sorrow, fear and anxiety . . . who is pleasure, happiness and nourishment to men ' (Bose 1922, pp. 35 - 6).

Normal Sadness

In the past few years an attempt has been made to explore the neural substrate of those emotions of normal individuals which from the evolutionary perspective are considered primary, serving survival needs and adaptational functions. In this respect the positron emission tomography (PET) studies are relevant. In one of the first PET studies 85 it was reported that induced sadness evoked bilateral activation of the inferior orbito-frontal cortex. In another study 86 it was shown that sadness and happiness involve different neuronal networks. Finally, in a more recent study, it was shown that in human emotions several brain regions are involved, but it is possible to identify regions that distinguish between positive and negative emotions 87 . It is understood that at this stage it is premature to rely on neuroimaging technology for differentiating normal from abnormal emotions (sadness from depressed mood). Nevertheless, such findings may be used as the experimental ground for...

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