Choose 1 Disorder

224. A 43-year-old man presents with cirrhosis. Slit-lamp examination reveals a yellow-brown ring in the limbus of the cornea. The patient has recently developed an unsteady gait, tremors, and involuntary chorea-like movements. (CHOOSE 1 DISORDER) Items 225-226

For each patient with jaundice, choose the most likely liver disorder.

a. Dubin-Johnson syndrome b. Rotor syndrome c. Crigler-Najjar type 1 syndrome d. Crigler-Najjar type 2 syndrome e. Gilbert syndrome

225. A 23-year-old man presents with mild, persistent jaundice. The serum bilirubin is always <5 mg/dL and is primarily unconjugated bilirubin. The jaundice is exacerbated by fasting, surgery, fever, infection, and alcohol ingestion. (CHOOSE 1 DISORDER)

226. A 17-year-old woman presents with moderate jaundice, which is primarily conjugated bilirubin. She develops jaundice during pregnancy and in times of illness. She has mild hepatomegaly. Liver biopsy reveals black pigment in the hepatocytes. (CHOOSE 1 DISORDER)

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