• Morphologic warning signs of MELANOMA: mnemonic: ABCD

Asymmetry Border

Color variation Diameter increase

• Possible causes of ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS:

mnemonic: PAID COb

Polycystic ovarian disease Acromegaly Insulin resistance Diabetes mellitus Cancer (colon, stomach) Obesity

• Possible cause of migratory necrolytic erythema: GLUCAGONOMA

• Possible cause of acrodermatitis enteropathica: ZINC DEFICIENCY

• Precursor lesion of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: ACTINIC KERATOSIS

• Precursor lesion of melanoma: DYSPLASTIC NEVUS

• ERYTHEMA NODOSUM: associated conditions: mnemonic: BUMP SIS

Behçet's syndrome, birth control pills (BCPs)

Ulcerative colitis


Sarcoidosis, sulfonamides Inflammatory bowel disease Streptococcal and fungal infections

• Erythema chronicum migrans (ECM): Lyme disease

• Erythema migrans lingualis: geographic tongue (erythema migrans of the tongue)

• Erythema marginatum: rheumatic fever

• Erythema multiforme: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, sulfonamides, NSAIDS, Dilantin

• Pityriasis rosea: initial lesion "herald patch"; other lesions follow a "Christmas tree" pattern

• "Ice pick"-like pitting of the nails: specific for psoriasis

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