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For each patient with nystagmus, choose the most appropriate kind(s) of nystagmus.

103. A newborn has congenital , nystagmus. (SELECT 1 KIND OF


104. A 19-year-old man presents for his precollege medical clearance and is found to have nystagmus when asked to gaze to the extreme far left. (SELECT 1 KIND OF NYSTAGMUS)

105. A 49-year-old man is ventilator-dependent and comatose following a motor vehicle accident. (SELECT


a. Up-beating nystagmus b. Down-beating nystagmus c. Nystagmus that disappears with convergence d. Rotary nystagmus e. Asymmetric lateral nystagmus f. End-point nystagmus g. Pendular nystagmus

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