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For each patient with a gait disturbance, choose the most likely kind of gait disturbance.

a. Ataxic gait b. Parkinsonian gait c. Spastic hemiplegic gait d. Steppage gait e. Scissor gait

398. A 60-year-old man ambulates with his upper torso stooped forward. His feet shuffle and he has lost his arm swing. (CHOOSE 1 GAIT)

399. A 55-year-old woman walks by lifting one foot further off the ground than the other. (CHOOSE 1 GAIT)

400. A 62-year-old man walks with his feet widely spaced; steps occur with each foot lifted abruptly and too high and brought down in a stamping manner. (CHOOSE 1 GAIT)

401. A 49-year-old woman walks by moving her right leg forward by abduction and circumduction. (CHOOSE 1 GAIT)

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