Thickness Only A Guide

a. The thickness of any part serves only as a guide who the specialist can use to expose the normal part and to determine what mAs will compensate for abnormal tissue changes. Knowledge of the structural makeup of the area is necessary. The part should also be judged from a physiologic and pathologic standpoint as to whether it is reasonably normal. If a question arises as to whether the patient is "average" or "inrange," a measurement of the part should be made. The following shows compensations required of the "above" or "below-range" part.

Below range

In range

Above range

3-5 cm 1-2 cm

Basic set

1-2 cm 3-5 cm

1/2 x sec 2/3 x sec

1 1/2 x sec 2 x set

b. Since the mA will remain constant, a change in sec will give a corresponding change in mAs. By means of these modifications, the radiographic density obtained will be approximately correct--a "repeat" is seldom required.

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