Xray Exposure Terms

a. The nomenclature of x-ray exposure comprises various terms, which have come to be called radiographic factors. Following is a list of these radiographic factors and their related symbols. These should be memorized, as each of them influences the character of the radiographic image.

(1) AP--anterior-posterior position.

(4) SID--source-to-image distance.

(5) kVp--kilovolts peak.

(6) mA--milliamperes.

(7) mAs--milliampere-seconds.

(8) OFD--object-film distance.

(9) PA--posterior-anterior position.

(10) PR--primary radiation.

(11) RR--remnant radiation.

(12) SR--secondary and scatter radiation.

(13) (sec)--time of exposure in seconds b. Several items of apparatus, when used, have a definite influence on the radiographic image. These accessories, which will be discussed in detail later in this subcourse, include the following:

(1) X-ray intensifying screens in cassettes, used to augment the exposure effect of the x-rays.

(2) The beam-restricting device, which limits the size of the x-ray beam irradiating the body parts.

(3) The stationary grid, which reduces the SR reaching the x-ray film.

(4) The Potter-Bucky (P-B) diaphragm, similar to the stationary grid, but mechanized to move during the exposure.

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