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All-natural Method For Removing Moles, Warts and Skin Tags

No matter how hopeless you think your skin problem might be we can help you! Inside youll learn. Why over-the-counter preparations and medical procedures such as freezing, burning, and laser therapy are not permanent solutions and have high recurrence rates. How many different types of moles and warts there really are, which ones can be potentially dangerous, and which ones should be removed/treated and how to do it naturally from home. About a unique formulation which works in as little as 3 days on all skin types and has a 60 year proven track record. And you'll also receive a Free, 5-part email report The Five Big Myths Of Removing Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags By Chris Gibson, to help you learn more about how to remove moles, warts, and skin tags safely for life without expensive surgery or the risk of scarring.

Allnatural Method For Removing Moles Warts and Skin Tags Summary

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Warts Verrucae

Most warts, especially those in children, last 3 to 5 years and go away by themselves. Flat, painful wart-like spots on the sole of the foot are often 'plantar warts'. (Or they may be corns. See below.) Magical or household cures often get rid of warts. But it is safer not to use strong acids or poisonous plants, as these may cause burns or sores much worse than the warts. Painful plantar warts sometimes can be removed by a health worker. For warts on the penis or vagina, see p. 402.

Geographic Distribution

These warts affect all races, both sexes and all ages. They are among the most common dermatoses, and have been found in 7.2 of students in Germany. Common warts, 70 , and flat warts, 3.5 , predominate in children and adolescents. They decrease with age. Warts can also be an occupational disease, .e.g., in butchers (HPV-2 and -7). Plantar warts occur in 6.5-24 of cases. Condyloma acuminata occur in adolescents and adults. In the United States they are considered the most common sexually transmitted disease. They affect 15-20 of people 15-49 years of age. In AIDS they are present in 5-27 of cases.

Micropapillomatosis Labialis

Figure 8 Acrochordons. (A) Multiple acrochordons (skin tags) are present on the inner thighs. (B) Unremarkable squamous epithelium lines a loose fibrovascular tissue. (C) Occasionally large stellate cells are seen in the stroma and should not be mistaken for evidence of malignancy.

A Management of Upper Extremity Lymphoedema with Microsurgical Lymphovenous Anastomosis

A 59-year-old woman presented with an 8-year history of oedema of the left arm. Initially, the oedema appeared in the upper arm. The patient was treated with combined decongestive physiotherapy (manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage), bandaging and exercises three to four times over a 12-month period. Despite these measures, the oedema extended as far as the forearm and hand (Fig. 47a.1), and she had several episodes of erysipeloid lymphangitis. In the months preceding her admission, she also complained of episodes of lymphangitis and pain. There were no warts or wounds on the skin. Her past medical history included lumpectomy with axillary lymphadenectomy and radiotherapy for left breast cancer, although routine follow-up for breast cancer did not suggest any local recurrence.

Epidemiology The Spread Of Viruses From Person To Person

Many viruses are transmitted by sexual contact. Virus may be present in warts in the genital area (e.g., herpes simplex virus type 2 and human papillomaviruses) or in semen or vaginal secretions (e.g., HIV, hepatitis B virus). Infection begins in the genital mucosa but may spread to other organs. Because the opportunity for spread by sexual contact is much more restricted than for spread by other routes, viruses spread by sexual transmission almost invariably set up long-term persistent infections that cause only mild disease, at least early in infection. This allows the virus to be disseminated over long periods of time.

African Trypanosomiasis

PS cachectic generalized lymphadenopathy maculopapular rash severe seborrheic dermatitis aphthous ulcers white confluent patch with corrugated surface (orai. hairy leukoplakia) along lateral borders of tongue penile warts (condylomata acuminata) extensive multiple pruritic, pink, umbilicated papules 2 to 5 mm in diameter (molluscijm con tagiosum) .

Adenovirus Pharyngitis

Lymphadenopathy maculopapular rash severe seborrheic dermatitis oral thrush white confluent patch with corrugated surface ( ORAL HAIRY LEUKOPLAKIA) along lateral borders of tongue penile warts ( CONDYLOMATA ACUMINATA) extensive multiple pruritic, pink, umbilicated papules 2-5 mm in diameter ( MOI.LUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM).

Clinical Picture

A latency period follows and is characterized by immunobiological equilibrium between host and microbe. When the latency is broken, the eruptive or histioid phase known as VP results. Cutaneous lesions of VP are angiomatous, bleed easily and can be distinguished as papules, nodules or tumors of different sizes. Lesions can appear in the skin or mucous surfaces. Children are affected in about 50 of the cases, and lesions are mainly localized in the face and extremities, in isolated or disseminated forms. The varied morphology of the clinical lesions makes it easy to confuse them with pyogenic granulomas, histiocytomas, warts, ecthyma and folliculitis or neoplastic processes such as Kaposi's sarcoma. BA is another illness that resembles VP clinically, histopathologically and etiologically.

Clinical Assessment

On the dorsum of the foot, the toes appear square due to confinement of footwear, and the skin on the dorsum of the toes cannot be pinched due to subcutaneous fibrosis (Stemmer's sign). Lymphedema usually spreads proximally to knee level and less commonly affects the whole leg. In the early stages, lymphedema pits, and the patient reports that the swelling is down in the morning. This represents a reversible component to the swelling, which can be controlled. Failure to do so allows fibrosis, dermal thickening, and hyperkeratosis to occur. In general, primary lymphedema progresses more slowly than secondary lym-phedema. Chronic eczema, fungal infection of the skin (dermatophytosis) and nails (ony-chomycosis), fissuring, verrucae, and papillae (warts) are frequently seen in advanced disease. Ulceration is unusual except in the presence of chronic venous insufficiency.


The answer is b. (Fitzpatrick, 3 e, pp 149, 170, 766-767, 772-775, 797.) The description of the skin lesions is most consistent with mollus-cum contagiosum. This is a self-limited viral infection due to a pox virus (molluscum contagiosum virus) seen in children, sexually active adults, and HIV-infected patients. These lesions characteristically have a central keratotic plug that gives them the appearance of being dimpled (umbilica-tion). The lesions resolve spontaneously. Common warts or verrucae vulgaris are due to human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are firm, hyper-keratotic, round papules that are 1-10 mm in diameter. They have no umbilication but have a predilection for sites of trauma including hands,

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