1. Restrain the animal (see Note 1) with one hand or with a rat restrainer and inject CRC cocktail (0.3 mL/100 g) intraperitoneal^ Swab the lower abdomen with 70% alcohol

2. Lift the scrotal skin covering the testes with a pair of fine forceps and make an incision of 1 5 cm (Fig. 1A and B).

3 Using a pair of blunt forceps, gently pull out the fat pad lying at the bottom of the testis to reveal the testis, epididymis, and vas deferens.

4. Free the vas deferens from the membrane that is attached to it. Tie tightly at two points using cotton thread (Fig. 1C). Then cut the vas deferens using a pair of scissors at the site between the two tightened ends (Fig. ID and E).

5. Return the organs to the inside of the body using a pair of blunt forceps.

6. Close up the body wall and the skin with at least three stitches.

7. Repeat on the other testis.

8. Cage the vasectomized animal individually. After 3-4 wk, it can be used to produce pseudopregnant mothers (see Note 2).

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