M2 Light paraffin oil

Fig. 1. The tip of an oviduct-transfer pipet enlarged to show the arrangement of eggs, air bubbles, and media.

10. Diamond pencil.

11. Dissecting scissors, one regular, one fine.

12. Watchmaker's forceps 2x#5.

13. Fine blunt forceps, one pair.

14. Surgical silk suture (5.0).

15. Curved surgical needles (size 10, triangular, pointed).

16. Autoclips and applicator (9 mm, Clay Adams, Becton Dickinson, Parsippany, NJ).

18. Sterile disposable 1-mL syringes.

19. Sterile disposable 0.5 x 16 mm needles.

21. Stereo microscope with understage illumination (e.g., Nikon [Tokyo] SMZ-10TD).

22. Surgical microscope with optional assistants viewing head (e.g., Carl Zeiss Jena [Oberkochen, Germany] OPM 212T with head model 050).

24. Animal balance.

25. Alcohol burner.

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